Past EIW Results

EIW 2014

  • 1st Place

    John Carrol University

    R. Distler, A. Bucci, C. Kriebel, M. Sokol

  • 2nd Place

    Case Western Reserve University

    W. Littlefield, J. Sender, C. Williams, J. Dolgin and R. Semco

  • 3rd Place

    Lake Erie College

    B. Havrilla, J. Wei, T. Graham, T. Lynch

“EIW really is a phenomenal program, and thinking back upon the week, I realize just how much I’ve learned and grown from my experiences there. The amount of funding the program has is absolutely incredible, and I’m grateful that I’m able to walk away with a small hedge fund as a result of simply learning and working with a team..” — Case Student

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EIW 2013

  • 1st Place

    Ashland University

    C. Fox, N. Cronin, E. Bosley, H. Akoshy, CJ Hassman

  • 2nd Place

    Kent State University

    K. Holt, H. Rahmani, J. Strenk, D. Flemister, J. Gilliland, K. Collier with EEC President K. Molkentin

  • 3rd Place

    John Carroll University

    G. Kaucic, R. Hoover, D. Hampton, R. Sigler, J. Zemba

“I would like to express my gratitude for allowing me to be part of EIW last week. It was a wonderful experience. I have met such amazing people and have bonded well with my fellow team mates. My team and I shared some incredible experiences together that I will never forget – like going to Wal-Mart, Dairy Queen and going to Hiram gym. At the end of the week we became close friends and bonded like family. I owe it all to EIW for allowing me to meet these great people and also having phenomenal speakers share their knowledge with us.” – Lake Erie College Student

“I want to sincerely express my gratitude for the absolutely incredible experience at EIW. This was such a tremendous learning experience for me. I’m so happy I participated in EIW and I wish the EEC the best of luck next year!” – Hiram College Student

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