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In order to contact someone affiliated with a specific university please go to the Board of Directors page for a specific person’s phone number and email address.

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For most inquiries, it is most likely that your local EEC Board member should be able to answer any questions you have. However, if there is something beyond the scope of the EEC liaison, then please feel free to contact Mark Hauserman, EEC President, at to discuss getting issues and concerns on the next monthly EEC Board agenda.

Share in our Strategic Goals

The EEC was formed for charitable and educational purposes. Consider becoming a part of our “2012 Friends of EEC Campaign” demonstrating individual or corporate support of our unique activities. For more information on how you can support EEC, please either:

The Entrepreneurship Education Consortium, Inc. is a not-for-profit public service organization addressing:

  • Build an expanding network of young people interested in entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio.
  • Cultivate and encourage university students in NEO to create businesses and ideas in the NEO region, resulting in NEO job creation and wealth after student graduation. Teach the students to realize that they can make a difference in NEO by starting their own business.
  • Build student collaborative and team experiences through group assignments and competitions.
  • Build entrepreneurial competitiveness and an entrepreneurial passion within the student so they take this passion back to their respective universities.
  • Inform the students of opportunities in NEO, bring down the barriers, give them the ability to control the process, and the knowledge needed.
  • Attract investors to provide funding assistance for the entrepreneurial students to promote and build ideas.
  • Students that participate in the Immersion Week, will develop one sustainable business model either directly or indirectly within 1-2 years, 3-5 years, or 5-10 years.
  • Develop presentation skills for future use in marketing their ideas, products, or services.

There is nothing more exciting and encouraging to our region when companies and individuals come together and collaborate on a variety of projects and activities, some as simple as sponsoring forums to discuss regional economic value of entrepreneurship, and other activities of a much larger scope, such as: educational literature, marketing data analysis, investor awareness, community information needs, and the development of workforce development curricula.

Contributions can be remitted to:

Entrepreneurship Education Consortium, Inc.
Jay Schach, Treasurer
Cleveland State University
1860 E. 18th Street, Room BU 212
Cleveland, OH 44114

As required by the IRS Public Inspection/Disclosure Rules for Non-Profits click here for EEC IRS 2014 Form 990-EZ & Schedules